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BIO-TOUGH (BIO 1) All Purpose Cleaner/Degreaser (4Gal./Case)
BIO-TOUGH (BIO 1) All Purpose Cleaner/Degreaser (4Gal./Case)

Our Price: $65.20

Product Code: MC 910733

BIO-TOUGH is a concentrated powerful cleaner/degreaser that is
based on palm, coconut, sugarcane, and corn. Naturally clean...Bio-
Tough is fortified with enzymes to consume waste and neutralize odors.
� Excellent for walls, counters, hard surfaces and floors not harmed
by water, great for Scrub n� recoat applications.
� Great for use outdoors through pressure washer.
� Bio-Tough won�t harm foliage..
� Includes enzymes to help boost cleaning power and reduce odors.
� Citrus fragrance
� Available in gallons