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Multi-Clean Carpet Spotter (12 QTS./CS)
Multi-Clean Carpet Spotter (12 QTS./CS)

Our Price: $69.50

Product Code: MC 910678

CARPET SPOTTER is a versatile spot and stain remover
for a wide variety of spots and stains. It is formulated
with an advanced blend of solvents, builders and
surfactant to remove many common spots found in
carpets. CARPET SPOTTER uses bio-degreadable
surfactant, non-butyl solvent and is phosphate free.
Cleans Variety of Spots
CARPET SPOTTER can be used on greasy traffic
smudges, shoe polish, India ink, fruit juices, various
greasy and oily stains, miscellaneous stains and many
common spots that occur on commercial carpeting.
It loosens spots for quick removal and does not leave
a sticky residue behind to cause resoiling.
Safe for all Carpet Types
CARPET SPOTTER is safe for use on most carpeting,
including commercial and residential nylon, wool
and polypropylene.