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Century Maintenance by Multi-Clean Multi-Task 4x2liter
Century Maintenance by Multi-Clean Multi-Task 4x2liter

Our Price: $138.00

Product Code: MC-908752

Excellent Cleaning
Highly effective for daily
cleaning by automatic
scrubber or damp mop.
The surfactants penetrate
and suspend soils without
dulling of finishes.
Neutral pH 7
Non-alkaline formula helps retain high gloss on finished
floors. Simply the best cleaner for UHS programs.
Rinse Free
Non-filming, non-streaking product does not require
rinsing, saving time and money.
Exceptional Wetting
Effective surface tension reduction, makes a great rinse
aid after stripping.
This product meets the Green Seal™ Standard for
Cleaning Products for Industrial and Institutional Use,
GS-37, based on its reduced human and
environmental toxicity and reduced volatile organic
compound content.